PrintStik Portable Printer

by Mark R

I have reported on portable printers in the past, such as the Canon Pixma iP 100, but I have to say that the PRINTSTIK from Planon systems is one of the most impressive that I have come across.

The PRINTSTIK has some very outstanding features, but its biggest selling point is its Bluetooth connectivity. All you need to do is just beam the document from your laptop, smart phone, or PDA, and the PRINTSTIK will print it out at 3 pages per minute. It is also designed to print clear pages at 200 DPI, with no smudging or leaking ink.

The printer, which can also work through USB connection, is very lightweight at only one and a half pounds. It has little moving parts, so it is designed for very rugged travel.

As for power, the PRINTSTIK uses a Lithium Ion battery for a 120 minutes recharging time. It is capable of printing about 40 pages per charge.

I suppose that Planon systems has a good history of making products for the mobile market. After all, it was Planon’s CEO that first invented the Docupen, a portable full-page scanner. Makes you wonder what else PlanCo is capable of in the future.

As for now, you should be able to purchase the PRINTSTIK at the PlanOn Systems website for about $299.00


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Jared Says: May 27, 2008 at 3:39 pm

Looks like the bluetooth version is $350…

However, the deal breaker is that you must buy their paper cartridges. It doesn’t look like you can use regular paper with this device.

Paper cartridges hold 20 sheets. A 3 pack is sold for $25.

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