Telescope Walking Stick serves dual purposes

When I think of a convergence device, I usually think of a mouse with three functions of a toaster that makes coffee. However, one doesn’t usually think about a walking stick with more than meets the eye. Sure, you can sneak a dagger or a pool cue into one pretty easily, however, wouldn’t a telescope be cool too?

This Telescope Walking Stick features a handle, which, when pulled out reveals a small telescope. Mind you, something this small is going to have only a 3x magnification, but that’s still enough for someone watching birds or hiking in the woods. I suppose that something like this would have been a little more useful in a time where there was still much undiscovered land, however, it still makes for an interesting piece. The staff is made from a 1” thick one-piece African rosewood, and will set you back $89.95.

Source: RedFerret