SuperSmoker Smokeless Electronic Cigarette

Smokers are among the most persecuted demographics in America today. More and more states are passing laws daily to prohibit cigarettes inside public areas. While they might have a point about the second-hand health hazards and the customer complaints, what about the smoker’s needs?

Smoking is an addiction. Once you pick up the addiction it’s hell to lose it. The SuperSmoker is a product that could help smokers rebel against the constant persecution by providing the same feel of lighting up a cancer stick, though totally smokeless and electronic.

The SuperSmoker contains no tobacco, doesn’t need a lighter or any sort of flame to “light” up. Instead the SuperSmoker uses a vaporization chamber and a disposable cartridge (which lasts about as long as 15-20 conventional cigarettes) which holds a liquid made up of a brew of food products, creating a tobacco flavor to hold you over.

As soon as the smoker takes a puff, the liquid is vaporized. When you exhale, a smoky haze does appear, though without the typical smoke scent and minus all of the dangerous secondhand hazards. Even better, the SuperSmoker can be legally used in public areas (at least in the UK).

You can grab your own SuperSmoker cigarette for £79 (around $155), with each pack of six refills going for £7.95 (USD$16).

Product Page via Gizmag

2 thoughts on “SuperSmoker Smokeless Electronic Cigarette”

  1. And yet…they still chose to make it LOOK like a cigarette! If they were smart, they’d make it look like an asthma inhaler. Nobody’s going to hassle you about that.

  2. @Mike It’s probably for the physical addiction aspect. That’s why smokers usually get twizzlers and lollipops when they try and quit.

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