Motorola unveils smallest TETRA Covert Radio

Motorola has the honor of announcing its new smallest body-worn TETRA Covert Radio, known as the TCR1000, offering full featured TETRA radio functions for users who are involved in covert operations. This new radio is thin enough to be concealed in light clothing without ever raising so much as an eyebrow, offering secure communications with encryption features that is touted to improve operational effectiveness in the field. The TCR1000 is so small that it tips the scales at a featherweight 180 grams, making it light enough that you might even forget it is there in the first place. Being this light also makes it a snap for officers to conceal their equipment during dangerous covert operations, making them one with the crowd in order to ease the burden of their duties.

Despite being small in size and compact in design, the TCR1000 does not sacrifice performance for its diminutive form factor. It will still being the same level of functionality to the user, including options for integrated GPS and end-to-end encryption. Other incorporated innovative features include discrete audio, radio control and long battery lifetime. The control features have also been given an overhaul in order to suit its function and purpose as a covert operation device better, utilizing audio tones to identify talk group number to enable audio-only recognition of talk group selection. It can even be remote controlled from afar, offering a greater degree of flexibility as never before.

Amazing how they crammed in integrated GPS into the mix as well, enabling users to locate resources as well as users who are in need of assistance. You can also include an extended battery pack option that will greatly extend users’ surveillance periods without adding more bulk than necessary. Security-wise, the TCR1000 comes with the entire range of encryption features of Motorola’s TETRA radios and infrastructure portfolio, ensuring safety and information protection while preventing interception from unwanted parties.

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