Hop-On rolls out $10 phone

So you think that having the fancy pants (and soon to come) 3G iPhone or HTC Touch Diamond is the ultimate goal in life? Well sorry to burst your bubble mate, but not everyone thinks of a cell phone as a status symbol. Which explains why the middle class and entry level markets teem with handsets that sport but the most basic of functions, and it is definitely a market that does not seem to slow down anytime soon. Hop-On, Inc. is certainly aware of such a huge market and aims to capitalize on the potential volume by releasing its latest GSM cell phone known as the Hop1800. The Hop1800 is readily available throughout the US for a surprisingly low, low price of just $10. Yes sir, for 10 clams you will now be able to pick up a handset that works worldwide, making it the perfect backup cell phone especially for folks who tend to travel a whole lot. Sure, it might not double up as a 3G modem or feature WiFi connectivity, but at least you can be sure it will make and receive calls no matter where you are (subject to signal strength, of course).

Surely the iPhone would be a superior alternative, but you won’t get anything as cheap and as functional as the Hop1800. It is only $10, for crying out loud, and will be able to work with just about any local SIM card, making it compatible with more than 40 domestic wireless carriers. There will be two variants available – a Dual-band 850/1900MHz or the 900/1800MHz for Europe and Asia, and both will tip the scales at a mere 77 grams, boasting a talk time of u pto 4 hours, 150 hours of standby time and polyphonic ring tones.

The final cost of the handset itself might even be just $5 since the company offers a $5 rebate if you decide to return it for recycling purposes.

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