The PSP will soon have GPS


I recently bought myself a GPS, however, I don’t always keep it on me. Which from time to time I have regretted, but I tend to have enough gadgets on me that I don’t want to be carrying one more. Yet, my PSP never leaves my side. For those who feel the same way, or just prefer gadgets that take care of several functions, GPS technology coming to the PSP is extremely good news. Unfortunately, this would mean that while riding shotgun if you need to use the PSP for GPS navigation you won’t be able to kill time by playing games.

Sony is also talking about bundling the unit with a car kit which would also include an adapter. The biggest downside with this GPS technology is that I’ve noticed that I have an extremely hard time seeing my screen in the daylight. Whereas my TomTom I can see much easier, likely they are using different screen technology. Being a GPS the visual reference is kind of important. Yet the perk of needing to carry around one less gadget might outweigh that concern in the end. There is still no word on the pricing or availability of this nice little add-on.

[via gearlog]

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