The Chief Cook Robot helps prepare an omelet

For those of you that are not exactly thrilled by cooking every morning HOAP-3 is a trained robot that can assist in making omelets and even learn other tasks. It isn’t quite the fastest machinery, so not one you would snag from the local shopping mall just yet. However, the idea of a cooking robot is enough to make most of us lazy bums salivate in anticipation. Sadly, you have to teach him every single move and have to place the objects in his hands, but he can do the tasks once taught. Plus the creator has him saying very random comments as he cooks, like once he identifies swiss cheese, mentioning he has heard it was very good.

This robot can grate cheese, beat eggs as well as dice up the ham. However, he isn’t quite to the point of cracking his own eggs or perform the actual cooking process itself. The robot prepares the supplies ahead of time though, even if you do have to spoon feed him information. I would suggest watching the shorter video because the longer one is well, excruciatingly long. It took him eleven minutes teaching the robot to perform every little task, but it was quite informative. At this point I’d have to say it is still faster to cook the eggs yourself, so no worries about this cooking robot stealing jobs, for now at least.

[via technabob]

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  1. I saw the long video and let me stay one word to sum up this cooking robot and it’s future in the calinary field- Sad.

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