Takaratomy Yumel Partner Doll


Dolls tend to freak me out, but if you’re into such toys, then the Takaratomy Yumel Partner Doll could prove to be a worthy addition to your collection.

Takaratomy presents “Healing Partner”, a lifelike robotic doll. The title name has a purpose, Yumel has 6 different sensors that will track his owners sleeping pattern. In the morning, he will greet his owner. He will also talk and sing to his owner when he is being taken care of. Yumel is designed for everyone. He will fall asleep when his owner goes to sleep. He will wake up when his owner wakes up as well. Available only in Japan.

This Japan-only product will retail for $179.99, and make a doll-collecting kid (or adult) very happy when he/she unwraps the birthday present.

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