No more light bulbs with Saazs’s self-illuminating glass

If you don’t think the energy saving bulbs are enough, you might give this lighted glass a whirl. The glass is completely self-illuminating, it uses neither light bulbs or electricity. At some point Saazs hopes to replace light bulbs altogether, however, the technology isn’t quite to that point yet, it still needs a bit of improvement.

Right now the glass is better suited as mood lighting as opposed to using it to light a room or even to use it as task lighting. The glass isn’t nearly as bright as a neon light and will only last 20 years, which sounds like a long time but I’m sure once the glass is released it won’t be cheap. The lighting is created using non-toxic glass and doesn’t have the mercury-infused gas like neon bulbs. Within the next three years the company hopes to extend the life of the glass as well as get it to the point that it shines as brightly as your average neon bulb. The glass shines on both sides and isn’t too hot to touch. If the glass develops as planned it would definitely cut down on waste, since we wouldn’t be tossing out bulbs like we are now.

Source: Gearfuse

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