Jet-Powered Bike

This next photo proves the saying that just because something can be built, doesn’t mean that it should.

Such is the case with Bob Maddox, an artist and cabinetmaker from Medford Oregon. Bob also has a hobby of skydiving and playing with pulse jet engines, and he combined his favorite pastimes by strapping a pulse jet engine on himself while skydiving.

The result was an adrenaline-rush flight. He decided to take it up a notch when he strapped a pulse jet engine to a bicycle. He got it to go 50 miles per hour, but, believe it or not, he was afraid to take it any faster. Maddox says that the bike could have probably gone up to 75 mph, but it was way too fast for an ordinary bicycle.

He also said that the jet-bike was far too loud. The pulse jet used on the bike is louder than most dragsters, but they are cheaper than turbine jet engines. Pulse jets are essentially a long tube where air and fuel are mixed and ignited in a process that repeats or pulses about 70 times per second.

Personally, I don’t have a “need for a speed” that is this intense. I believe that he is selling them on eBay if you can afford it. You can check out the video of Maddox on his jet bike here.