Dual SATA HDD Rack Doubles The Pleasure

by AndrewD

Have you been thinking it’s time for a hardware upgrade? We can always go for a higher storage capacity, especially now that the terabyte is becoming increasingly available for personal computers. As media moves ever closer to being completely digital, we need room for all of our music, movies and e-books.

Marshal Japan has announced their new Dual SATA HDD Rack which can hold two separate drives, up to 2 TB of extra storage, configurable with RAID 0. HDD racks are becoming more popular with manufacturers as drive size grows and old hardware compatibility starts to fail.

Marshal’s new Dual SATA HDD Rack is compatible with both 2.5″ and 3.5″ drives, leaving your options open for mixing and matching the hardware of your choice, while keeping the drives organized and easily swappable. The Marshal rack is only compatible with USB 2.0, which most new computers support.

No price has been announced yet for the new racks, but you’ll be able to pick up your own from GeekStuff4u.com when they become available.

Marshal via AkihabaraNews

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