Mail Chime

by Mark R

I don’t know about you, but there are days when I have been stuck at home, and the only excitement came from when my mail arrived. That’s pretty rare when that happens, by the way. Most of the time I come home from work after five, and the mail is already there.

What I really can’t stand is when I think the mail has arrived, and it really hasn’t. Sometimes I can waste three to four trips a day on that useless errand.

This is why the Mail Chime was invented. The Mail Chime is a motion-sensing, two piece kit that sends an alert when mail is put in the mailbox. The transmitter mounts with double-stick tape, and the receiver plugs into the outlet. The two devices have a 300 foot range, and the alarm will buzz four times with an LED light.

I suppose a device like this is a long time coming. However, I think if the highlight of your day is getting your mail, then you probably need to get a life. After all, most people don’t go out to the mailbox to collect their mail until the truck pulls off. I think this is because they are embarrassed to be home during the day.

The Improvements Mail Chime is available at the Home Solutions website for about $49.99.


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Jill Says: May 21, 2008 at 11:04 am

Most people avoid the mailman?? Says who? Did you conduct a poll? I telecommute. I’m always home. Seeing the mailman and saying hi is a nice part of my day. Besides, walking out to check the mail is a good break from the desk and exercise climbing my steep driveway.

There’s a cheaper alternative anyway. A yellow flap thingie that’s been at the hardware store for a century and signals when the mailbox has been opened for about $3.

Mark Says: May 21, 2008 at 2:01 pm

Macys in downtown San Franciso offered something like this in the late 80’s. I could understand why rural homeowners would want it-the trip to the mailbox could be long and through snow or pouring rain, but in a city?

Boy was I wrong. They couldn’t keep them in stock. Those Victorian homes had 20 steep steps or more from the front door to the mailbox. These were a godsend for the owners of those homes.

Michael Says: January 17, 2009 at 2:05 pm

This is a great product, but cheaply made. If it last you a year you’ll be lucky. First to go was the reset switch. The unit will not work in cold weather, probably because the switch freezes into position. After a year it stopped working altogether. I took it apart and discovered part of the circuit bard had oxidized. This was likely caused by dampness from the window near where it was placed. Nice idea, but shoddy construction cheapens the product.

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