iChime Doorbell Plays MP3s Instead Of Ding Dong

We have our iPod to help us ignore our surroundings by deafening our senses with rock and (sometimes Rick) Roll, but what about a way for us to be alerted to someone entering our surroundings with the power of music?

The iChime is a customizable doorbell which can hold up to 50 of your favorite songs that can be selected as your doorbell chime of the day. The iChime also comes with 6 custom chimes built right in which can be changed at any time.

Thanks to an awesome auxiliary speaker attachment which can be mounted outside of your door, the next Johovah’s Witness to come a-ringin’ could be greeted with a song that shows just how welcome they are, such as Slayer’s “Angel Of Death” or even a voice recording of yourself telling them to scram.

The iChime works with both lighted and unlighted doorbell circuitry and is a quick 2-wire installation. You can grab your own for $90 and the auxiliary speaker for an additional $25. After that, you’re on your way to transferring songs from either your iPod or computer right to your doorstep.

Product Page via Uncrate