USB Ionizer Fan with Aroma Diffuser



Staying cooped up in the office all day long isn’t too good for one’s lungs, and thankfully we have the USB Ionizer Fan with Aroma Diffuser to help provide a whiff of fresh and fragrant air in the immediate vicinity. This device is powered via USB, but if you happen to be traveling and do not have a powered USB port in the vicinity, there is always the option to juice this up with the help of three AA batteries. At $19 a pop, this looks like a pretty good gadget to pick up if you’re short on ideas on gifts for colleagues.

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Dave Says: May 20, 2008 at 10:17 am

My mother gave me one of these. I think she was proud that she had found something ‘high tech’ that I would appreciate, bless her! It actually works well at freshening up my dingy office too – without smelling flowery.

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