Lil Rinser Keeps Child’s Eyes Shampoo-Free


Kids aren’t given enough credit for the hardships they have to deal with. Since they can’t function fully on their own yet, there’s always someone telling them what to do, or just doing it for them. It might sound like a dream, but when it comes to bath time, having others do things for you can get messy.

One of my worst childhood fears was getting soap in my eyes. At that time in my life, that was the worst pain I had ever felt. I’d scream and complain, trying to delay my bath time as long as possible, but it would inevitably come time to step into the water. Lil Rinser is a goofy, yet effective little gadget to get bath time done in a flash, without the risk of burning corneas.

Since parents can’t feel the pain that children feel, it’s hard to understand the child point of view, so shampoo winds up falling into the kid’s eye, causing a stinging sensation. Imagine a world where you didn’t have to bribe your kid to get into the tub. A world where the whining line “I don’t want to get in the bath” was non-existent. The simple Lil Rinser creates a bowl shape around the front of the head which prevents soapy water from streaming down your kid’s face as they bathe.

Lil Rinser is one size fits all so even children with particularly large heads will have a more enjoyable time in the tub. For once, your children might INSIST on taking a bath instead of having to be forced into it.

Product Page via Inventor Spot

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