Fake TV Fools Burglars Using Less Power

by AndrewD


It’s safe to say that if someone wants to get in your house, not much is going to stop them, regardless of alarm systems (which are everything but consistent), locked windows which can easily be shattered, or if you happen to be home or not. But for the amateur night stalker out for a thieving frenzy, they’re going to want to look for the homes that have security which offers the least chance of getting themselves locked up in jail.

The FakeTV uses a variety of colored, flashing LEDs to create the stroboscopic lighting effect which your television gives off while in use. When the burglar struts past your home, they’ll see the FakeTV projecting the flicking light of a typical 27″ television, and they’ll assume that someone is home and move on to the next house.

We imagine the FakeTV is a great way to leave your home for vacation and still feel that thieves will leave your house alone, figuring someone is awake watching the tube. And the fake version is a whole lot smarter to use than a normal TV.

Rather than leaving your TV on the whole time you are away, the $49 FakeTV can be set to automatically turn on at dusk, when the flickering lights can actually be viewed. Even when it’s running the FakeTV uses no more power than your average night light.

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Jeff Says: May 21, 2008 at 7:52 am

Interesting concept but flawed by the price point.

The main purpose of wanting to use this instead of a regular TV is the cost of electricity. However, since this unit costs $49, it is rather unlikely you will recoup the cost of the unit in electricity savings.

However, if this unit cost the same as an ordinary nightlight, then you’d have a winner on your hands.

Oh well.

Justin Says: July 8, 2008 at 2:45 pm

If you add burglar deterrent CD playing the household sounds in addition to FakeTV you are the winner! Two sites offer CDs, http://www.DeterrentSounds.com, http://www.AudioGuard.com.

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