Revolve Power Strip

by Mark R

Revolve Power Strip

I think that every desktop PC user has at least two power strips behind their computer, and these strips are plugged to capacity. Well, I know I do. While I’m on this subject, I want to shout out to all gadget makers everywhere that I really hate are those gigantic plugs that take up at least two or three outlets on the strip.

Perhaps this one of the reasons why the Revolve Power strip was created. This device, designed by Takum Yoshida, is built to accommodate many outlets with a simple process of a swivel.

As you can see, the construction of the Revolve power strip is built to accommodate several plugs in a vertical fashion, as well as horizontal. The cylindrical shape is reminds me of a tower of spools, but the revolving function will certainly come in handy on the aforementioned problem of plug-cramming.

Not only that, the Revolve also allows more than one user to use the strip. I can easily picture the Revolve in between two PCs, so that each of the co-workers can share the love and the outlets.

Right now, this device is only a concept, but it certainly is practical enough to market. I’ve noticed that the model in the picture only has two prongs per outlet. Then again, aren’t appliance outlets different in other countries?


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