Portable Cash Counter: Decades Too Late For Tony Montana To Enjoy


If Scarface’s Tony Montana were still in the “distribution” business today, there is no doubt that he would be interested in a portable way of managing the heavy cash flows which piled in thanks to his line of business. Do you remember the huge cash counter he used in the movie? It must have been a real pain to lug around.

The AccuCounter V30 Portable Cash Counter includes some totally awesome add-ons for those of you who still rely on transactions which consist of large sums of paper cash. The ability to count over 600 bills a minute is only the tip of the iceberg.

The cash counter also offers a triple counterfeit bill detection system which verifies a bill’s authenticity by checking ultraviolet, watermark and magnetic ink checkpoints on the money. No slimy cockroach will be getting any fake bills past the AccuCounter V30.

Measuring in at 190 × 180 × 100 mm and weighing only 600 g, the AccuCounter can run continuously for about 20 hours. Plenty of time for those all-night counting sessions.

No doubt about it. If you’ve got enough cash flow flying under your table, the AccuCounter is a great portable alternative to the heavy hardware of other money counting devices.

Product Page via Slippery Brick