JVC’s GZ-MS100 Proves It’s a YouTube World After All

by Mark R

JVC’s GZ-MS100

I think we all have enjoyed the amateur video exploits that are daily updated on YouTube everyday. JVC has recently unveiled a video camera perfect for this YouTube generation with the GZ-MS100.

All a user needs to do is use the provided CyberLink software on a Windows PC, and he or she can easily upload their video clips to YouTube with the touch a button. This is, of course, the GZ-MS100’s biggest selling point.

The GZ-MS100 is part of the Everio S Series. There are no cassettes or discs for storage capacity, but video can be stored via SD card or USB to PC. It also features Laser Touch Operation, which has a scroll bar and touch-sensitive buttons not on the LCD screen.

As for power, the supplied BN-VF808 rechargeable battery is good for about 2 hours of operation, but the user can purchase higher capacity batteries for 4 or 6 hours of power.

Other features include the Konic Minolta lens for a 35x optical zoom. There are also six digital noise reduction systems, and a MPEG-2 encoder to block more noise. There is also a Digital Image Stabilizer minimize camera-shakes.

The JVC GZ-MS100 will be available in June for about $349.99.


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