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Weighing your luggage can be a tricky thing – normally the scales at home tend to have very different readings from the ones at the airport, and any extra bit might cost you a nice lunch especially in this day and age where oil prices have soared beyond what was imaginable a few years ago.

It’s all very well being able to buy a flight to Cancun for £2.99 on ‘Oh my God bring a sandwich Airways’, but you pack one thong too many (which is in fact one thong), and Bam! you’re slapped with a heinous excess baggage charge. And even if you got it right on the way out, by the time you’ve squeezed your sombrero or questionable Cambodian wood carving into your case for your return, you’re going to have to whip out your holiday exhausted credit card to get them home. These lightweight and compact Digital Luggage Scales will, very precisely, weigh your cases so you’ll know whether or not to ditch that Mongolian Yak carpet before you embarrass yourself at the airport.

Powered by a couple of AAA batteries with a maximum capacity of 44kg, the Digital Luggage Scales will lighten your wallet by £19.99.

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