Bluetrek Bizz combines headsets and flash drives



When you have amassed a large collection of gadgets that you can’t live without, you begin to figure out ways to cut back on what you need to carry. One way is to weed out the unnecessary gadgets, but you quickly realize that each and every one of them is vital to your everyday life. Your other option is to find convergence devices that serve more than one function. Here’s a Bluetooth headset that packs a little something extra.

One thing to note is that I don’t actually enjoy Bluetooth headsets, and I absolutely loath people that talk on them. They can look straight at you, say something, then be dumbfounded when you think that they were speaking to you. Anyway, enough of my rant. The Bluetrek Bizz is for people that always carry a headset and a flashdrive with them. The earpiece comes off to reveal a USB connector for the flash drive. Storage space is determined by the microSD card that you put into the device. You can pick one up for just $55.

Source: Crave

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