What Could Best Buy Do For Netflix?

by AndrewD


Rumors have been circulating around the tech industry that Best Buy could be planning a buy out of mail movie rental service Netflix. AlleyInsider claims that Best Buy has been mulling the idea over to purchase the company for $44 a share, yet what could Best Buy’s purchase mean for the popular service?

Netflix has been touted as the superior of the mail rental services (mostly compared with Blockbuster Online), and some are hesitant to think that a buy out from Best Buy would be the best decision for the service. Of course, this all depends on how Best Buy would handle things if a Netflix acquisition were to take place.

So what could Best Buy actually do for Netflix that hasn’t already been done? For one, wouldn’t it be pretty cool if Best Buy started offering in-store movie exchanges, much like Blockbuster does? You’d be able to swap a shipped Netflix movie out at you local Best Buy for a new movie, and have an additional movie shipped right out to you.

An acquisition from Best Buy could also mean that some special customer packages might be included with certain purchases. Such as, if you were to buy a DVD player at a Best Buy store, you’d get a discount on monthly fees for a certain amount of time. Maybe they’d also speed up the development of the Mac compatibility with Netflix’s Instant Watch feature.

Of course, this is all wild speculation, but we’re not quite sure an acquisition would be a bad thing, as long as Best Buy stuck to offering the stellar customer service that Netflix has been known to dole out to their subscribers. A mismanagement of the situation could cause mass chaos within the Netflix community, but if things are done right, we can be expecting some great things for the future of online movie rental. This is even if Best Buy is in fact planning on the Netflix purchase.


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