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Seems the getting a bicycle these days is the trendy thing to do. The SwissBike Folding System adds another choice for folks who want to get around places without burning up additional fossil fuel. Most bicycles that claim to be extremely portable, i.e. folding bikes, tend to look really ugly as though a maniac took a hacksaw and had a field day with the bike’s frame, cutting it in half while adding a hinge to allow them to fold. With the SwissBike Folding System, this is very different as it does not lose the bike’s torsional rigidity, thanks to its patented F.I.T. system developed by Montague engineers. This system does not involve any bike cutting, but instead relies on its very own patented Concentrus system that uses a tube within a tube design that actually strengthens the frame by incorporating technology found on some high performance, dual suspension mountain bikes.

No tools are required to fold and unfold SwissBike bicycles. Simply remove the front wheel and unlock one frame quick release. This can be done in a matter of seconds allowing the bike to be stored with ease in your car trunk, boat, plane, closet, or anywhere else you stash your gear. From Portsmouth to Peru, you can take your SwissBike with you whatever your destination. With our Airliner hardcase you can easily transport your bike anywhere in the world! The bike folds simply into a case that can be checked as airline luggage. It is very easy to get your SwissBike into taxis, rental cars, and in and out of hotel rooms when using the Airliner.

For those who live in a city where everything is close by and getting a car is not a necessity, the SwissBike sounds like the perfect choice of transport. It is a snap to carry in elevators, and can be stored right in a closet or under your desk at work, without any worries of having it getting stolen when locked outside a building.

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2 thoughts on “SwissBike Folding System”

  1. I tried a Swiss bike, (Montague) and agreed it rides like most hard tail mountain bikes, maybe just a bit heavier. It would be good for putting in a car, but way too big and cumbersome to take on a train. It is more a mountain bike that can be dismantled than a folding bike – you have to disconnect the brakes, unscrew the the front axle, take out the front wheel (covered in road muck), Then you fold in half the frame and load the 2 bits – bike and front wheel into your car.

    Compared to other folding bikes it would be a total pain to try and take say onto a train and into a restaurant. Apart form the weight that you’d have to carry, the messy chain, dirty wheels etc, you’d end up with both hands tied up one for the frame and one for the front wheel.

    Dahon, Brompton and others make much more practical folding bikes, ones which you really can take with you anywhere, some new models now have full sized wheels and can fold down without having to remove bits, others you can roll along. So sorry I think this bike is for a very narrow niche market – proper mountain bikers will have proper mountain bikes, and people who need a fully portable bike will choose a proper folding bike.

  2. The Montague SwissBike folding bike is absolutely a great bike. Not sure why Mark Simmonds above thinks the SwissBike wheels get dirty and the chain is messy while Dahon and Brompton somehow stay clean. Not true. Small wheels fall into the smallest (and dirty-est) potholes and also get dirty. My Swissbike fits snug as a bug in my boot, and is a great way to “Park and Ride” to work. Small wheels are good for children, not adults. Try getting a spare tube for a small wheel at the local bike shop. It’s almost 2 years since I got rid of my Brompton and got a SwissBike, and I would not go back.

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