High-Rise Sprinkler Unleashes The Aqua Fury On Your Lawn

by AndrewD


You probably already know the lawn sprinkler systems are sometimes more of a hassle than they are a solution. Your typical sprinkler reaches only a few inches from the ground, spraying water in a 15 foot radius or so. The problem is that the small stature of these sprinklers can cause some major issues if there happens to be obstacles in the way, such as trees or shrubs.

The High-Rise Sprinkler, available from Sporty’s Tool Shop is the one shot solution for dousing your entire lawn, even if there happens to be a wall of shrubs in its way. No longer will you have to deal with that unattractive patch of dead greenery which plagues your lawn with ugliness.

The High-Rise Sprinkler guarantees a range of 5000 square feet, ensuring that every inch of your lawn, and probably every inch of your driveway and home, gets doused with a life-providing spray of H20. When not in use, the sprinkler can be folded into a compact 22″ for easy storage.

The $50 High-Rise Sprinkler might resemble a camera tripod, but is made especially with lawn obstacles in mind, features an adjustable 100′ diameter for reaching any length of your grass (providing you don’t live on some lofty estate or you’re trying to water a golf course.) Grab your own to unleash the pure aquatic fury on your lawn.

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