Bean Vac makes your fancy coffee last longer

Coffee Vac

Some days I feel like I’m the only person in the world that doesn’t drink coffee. It seems to me that most coffee drinkers can be put into three categories. First, you have the people that drink it black; regular or decaf are really the only choices for them. To spice it up, add a little cream or sugar. Then you’ve got the Starbucks people. Those that don’t understand their strange lingo barely even know that they’re ordering coffee. Heck, I’m not even sure some of them even know what they’re ordering. Finally you have the people that must have the finest grounds from the most exotic places in the world. These people turn their noses up at anything but the finest. Don’t even think about offering them a cup of Folgers. This gadget is for those in the last category.

If you have fancy grounds, you can’t just leave them sitting in a can. Apparently they have oxygen stored up that needs to be released, otherwise they’ll turn bitter. This gadget will hold up to a pound of your favorite coffee beans and suck the air out of them. Apparently this will keep them tasting fresh longer. If you’re a coffee nut, you might look into this $40 gadget. Me? I’ll stick with my Mountain Dew.

Source: Dvice