Melody MP3/MP4 Case


melody-mp3-case.jpgSo you haven’t gotten a protective casing for your MP3 or MP4 player yet? Well, the Melody MP3/MP4 Case aims to solve this dilemma, all for a mere $24.95. It even comes with a built-in speaker for you to share the “joys” of your musical taste with your immediate neighbor(s).

Now it’s easy to choose a soundtrack that goes with your outdoor activity! The Melody case is a great way to carry and protect your MP3/MP4 player so your entire music collection is at your fingertips. And the built-in speaker makes sure everyone can enjoy the music!

I don’t know about you, but any device that lets all and sundry listen to what I like to groove to isn’t exactly my cup of tea. It would be all good if one’s playlists consists of the Top 40, but most teens these days prefer to remain alternative and deem anything mainstream to be uncool, and those kind of niche music are of an acquired taste for oldies like me. Privacy is preferable over sharing tunes in this case I guess.

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