Spy Backpack Porta2030

Spy Backpack Porta2030

A while ago, we reported on some Spy Camera Glasses, a device which could take some cool pictures on the go, despite its obvious lens. In keeping with this tradition of semi-concealed cameras, we would like to present the Porta2030, a spy backpack.

At first I thought the purpose of the Porta2030 was to take pictures, then download them later like any normal camera. However, the Porta2030 is actually capable of so much more as it can stream images to a website.

In other words, if the bad guys catch you taking pictures of their secret base, they can’t eliminate the evidence by simply killing the camera. By the time they can get their mitts on the secret camera, the pictures are already out on the net, hopefully receiving many hits.

A mobile data-sensing storage system makes this feature possible, and the Porta2030 also features an open source system, a 1GB flash card, a webcam, as well as an LCD mini-terminal.

I’m not surprised that something like this has been made, because I could have really used it during CES last January. Walking around with my backpack on a shoulder and a camera in the other hand wasn’t exactly fun, and it would have been nice to have a device that could have done both. Coolest Gadgets could have had some great realtime coverage then.

I have not heard whether the Porta2030 is some lone inventor’s concept device, or an actual device ready to be marketed. If you ask me, they can’t market this soon enough.


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