Play movies from your 2.5-inch drive with this media dock

Media Dock

I love having all of my music and video files stored away on my computer, rather than messing with discs and such. When you have the file on a hard drive, you can copy it, move it and play it whenever you want without much hassle. Of course it isn’t always the easiest of tasks to get your video files to play on your TV without a computer sitting right next to it. This is why Digital Cowboy created this HDD Media Player Kit.

Ally you need to do is plunk down your 2.5” hard drive which is loaded with videos, and it will put them up on your big screen TV. It features HDMI/Coaxial/Optical/Composite outputs, which means you’ll be able to use it with just about any TV. It supports a variety of media formats including WMV HD/MPEG-1/2/4(DivX/XviD)/DVD.

Unfortunately we don’t know much more about this product, such as how it is controlled (I would guess it includes a remote), or pricing and availability.

Source: CrunchGear