Intellipanel Desktop Computer


intellipanel.jpgWant to do your part in keeping the earth green by lowering your power consumption? You can do so without purchasing a Toyota Prius, thanks to the Intellipanel Desktop Computer which offers you the convenience of standby mode without wasting a single iota of electricity.

Plug your PC into the black shaded socket of the 8-way intelligent mains panel and up to seven other peripherals in the remaining sockets. When you turn your PC on or off the built-in auto calibration system automatically sends power to or cuts power to the additional outlets, saving energy and money. Easy! This energy-efficient one click intelligent mains panel even comes fully equipped with a power surge protector, which can wreck an entire system and prove very costly, as well as two sockets with extra space for bulky transformers and points for a modem, telephone and broadband.

Apparently the £29.95 asking price will pay for itself many times over throughout its lifetime, which makes it a pretty good bargain by any means.

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