Protect your mobile data with a touchscreen enclosure



I know that my data needs to be secured, which is why I have a variety of security measures in place. Of course I rarely have top-secret information that I take with me on the road, but if I did, I would make sure that I had an external drive which was well protected. This DataLocker would be one good way of doing just that.

Rather than taking the route of dealing with security measures from Windows (or whatever OS you’re using), it is simply locked down by a 6-digit code which you input on the small touchscreen. Without the proper code, you can be sure that your data is perfectly safe and locked away.

The DataLocker is a bit steep at $100 for the enclosure (you’ll need to supply your own 2.5” SATA drive), but at least you’ll know that everything is safe and sound. Of course I’d think that for $100 they could at least make it look a little nicer.

Source: Dvice

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