Upgrade your sound without cracking your case


Sound Blaster X-FiOne thing that I tend to find strangely relaxing is upgrading my computer. I love putting my PC up on the workbench and installing new components. I’ll even rearrange the cabling to be more efficient if I can, because I love to keep things neat and tidy in there. Of course there are many people that think I’m crazy and would rather buy a new computer than crack their case. This new Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 from Creative allows you to upgrade your sound output without the need to install a PCI card.

Some of you might think no one would buy a new computer to avoid installing a new sound card, however, I know someone who did exactly that. His almost-new computer’s sound card went out and he ordered a brand new PC the next day because he didn’t want to open the case. Even if you’re not that extreme about your fears, this nice little USB sound card will take away the stress of upgrading for a measly $60.

Source: Crave

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