Texas Instruments introduces Wide UXGA chip


f30.jpgTexas Instruments DLP is once again at the forefront of projector technology, having introduced the first WUXGA DLP chip in the world. This new chip can be found in its new WUXGA data projector known as the F30. The inclusion of this chip means the F30 is able to produce the highest resolution images at a native resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels in a 16:10 aspect ratio, finding no equal in the market today. Perfect for people who are used to widescreen computer resolutions and want to reproduce it on the big screen for all and sundry to see.

According to Anders Lokke, International Marketing & Communications Manager at projectiondesign, “While 1080p has been widely regarded as the top shelf standard for resolution quality and use for video-centric applications like HDTVs, we recognized that select businesses could stand to benefit more with pixel qualities that surpassed even that of 1080. WUXGA is incorporated inside our F10 WUXGA and F30 WUXGA projectors. This was something that our high-end visualization and simulation customers were asking for and we are proud to be the first to introduce and to deliver it to the market.”

WUXGA is currently one of the more popular resolutions where high end desktop monitors and notebooks are concerned, so having a projector which is able to match the monitor resolution is the ideal route to take, and Texas Instruments aims to be the pioneer in this path. Initial impressions have shown that the F30 WUXGA projector is an eye catcher when it was first unveiled in January this year, with folks in the industry lavishing praises on it. The F30 is perfect for both computer based applications and corporate use. Whenever you want to make software demonstrations, visualization and any application involving display of fine detail or analysis of large amounts of data, the F30 WUXGA projector ought to fit the bill perfectly considering its resolution that won’t screw around with your eyes. Thanks to Texas Instruments, the ball is rolling, so here’s to seeing other manufacturers come up with something similar.

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