iPhone out of stock online, 3G announcement imminent?


iPhone out of stock

I don’t know if you’ve been following the rumors concerning the release of a 3G iPhone, but they’ve all been pointing to a release in the very near future. While I can’t claim to have any inside knowledge on the matter, I will say that there is one piece of evidence that leads me to believe that we’ll seen an update to the iPhone line. What evidence you say? How about you go try to buy one from Apple’s online store.

That’s right, they’re sold out. Why on earth would Apple allow their stock of one of the hottest phones become depleted? Sure, sales could have been higher than expected, but I think they’re smarter than that. No, there is an imminent upgrade happening, and I seriously doubt we’ll be seeing a simple flash memory increase.

I’ve been thinking hard about the iPhone since it was introduced last year. I picked up an iPod Touch, and love it, however, I just can’t justify a phone like that running on anything less than 3G speeds. Maybe if they do announce a 3G version I’ll finally take the plunge.

Source: GearLog

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