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blaz3d.jpgRemote controlled toys on CG are a-plenty, but this time round we have something which requires a wee bit more skill to fly compared to your regular RC helicopters, as it boasts a higher degree of precision and control. Behold, the Bladez 3D Helicopter! Looks like the perfect toy to irritate your pet with, chasing it around the home. Check out a description of the device right after the jump.

If you’ve had a wild time flying our indoor helicopters (and you really should have) then it’s time to step-up to the big time with Bladez 3D, our annoyingly spelt, but immensely enjoyable, indoor and outdoor monster RC Helicopter. It’s tough, it’s cool, it’s 3 channel and even has an intelligent RC system that avoids interference with other RC users – but won’t stop them pestering you to have a go. A twelve minute charge will give you about eight minutes of flying time, and it’s best suited for intermediate to advanced heli flyers. Unlike our lighter and simpler indoor models it has more precision and control, which of course requires more flying skill, but ensures a whole heap more fun. We got it up and running straight from the box, and despite not being ace heli flyers ourselves, managed to zip it around the office without sending anyone to casualty. However, it’s a pretty powerful beast, so if you’re flying it indoors make sure you have a fair amount of space, and as few household pets as possible.

You will be able to get up and flying for £49.99. I’d make sure that all ceiling fans are turned off first if I plan to fly this thing indoors. I think bachelor pads would welcome it more than a regular household…after all Mother’s Day is just over so it would best not irk the missus so soon, eh?

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Vic Says: December 28, 2008 at 12:17 pm

Excuse me but ive bought a Bladez but it wont fly and im wondering if anntenna placement is the problem. Atm its wrapped around one of the lefs of the helicopter. can anyone whose bought it tell me where they have wrapped it?

Richard Says: December 30, 2008 at 1:34 pm

Hi. I also have one of these and was also wondering about the antenna. Usually they are extended to improve the signal reception but in the case of a helicopter this could prove to be terminal if it wraps itself around the rotor! Best left wrapped or secured to the tail boom maybe? I’ve actually got several questions about this gadget, which I received as a present as the box and instructions are sadly lacking but I’m on a mission to find answers on the ‘net, the first being answered here: how long will the battery last! I may post links or findings if I get lucky.

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