Wired backpack is fashionable and poses some interesting security questions

by James

Backpack webcam

This wired backpack not only fashionably allows it’s wearer to enjoy their favorite MP3 tunes, but it also has a remote capture capability thanks to the onboard web camera that’s built right into the rigging.

Coming complete with a wireless 2.5GB hard drive, USB Hub, a tiny LCD screen with 4 button navigation and input, and 1 GB of flash memory, the PORTA2030 performs what its creators call “portable data sensing-storage-transmission” as it not only captures video streams in real time but also plays MP3s for its user to enjoy. Each Porta2030 is assigned a unique IP address for wireless transmission to a central hub. The idea is that multiple users can be tracked and recorded within the wireless network and shifts the signal to the stronger signal to maintain connectivity.

The idea could have some real world surveillance applications as well peaking the interest of voyeur based filmmakers who seek to archive every moment of someone’s mundane life in a very Truman Show like fashion. But it also may have military applications as units could take advantage of the hive wifi network capability to keep track of their forces and lower friend fire causalities.
Then again, people may like it because it just looks cool.


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