Karaoke Groove Station fulfills the Idol fantasy …

by James

Groove Station

American Idol fans who wish to live the fantasy while watching their favorite Idols sing it out may want to check out the Karoke Groove Station. The multi-function plug and play microphone lets users plug into their television and have the lyrics to the chosen song appear on screen while the music plays from the TVs speakers. And savvy rock god wannabes will use their TVs picture in picture feature to have Idol playing at the same time.

The Groove Station also has controls for adjustments to tempo, pitch, and even a “sex change” button for those out of range falsetto’s like Barry Gibb or Bass like Barry White. There’s also a Spatial Effect mode which will make the singer sound like their singing in a huge sold-out arena, a harmony button that turns your voice into a perfect 3 part harmony, and Doubling effect to create a duet with yourself. And in a Guitar-Hero fashion, singers can keep score – the more accurately you sing, the higher your score.
Powered by 4 AA batteries and comes with ten free songs come in four cartridges and more for an extra fee.

Cost is around $100 US from I WANT ONE OF THOSE.

Simon’s snippy comments, Paula’s incoherent babbling or Randy’s uber-cool slang not included.

Hat Tip: Gadgets Club

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