See through Post-it Notes

by Mark R

See through Post-it Notes

This next device just screams “why didn’t I think of this earlier”? Sure, see-through Post-it Notes don’t seem like such a great scientific achievement in comparison to the light bulb or the polio virus, but it has been a long time coming.

All you need to do is just place the Sheer Post-it notes on the text that you want to stand out, and mark it up all you want! No more highlighting something and diminishing a book’s resale value. This will also come in handy on books that you checked out from the library and need to mark up for research purposes.

To this writing, giant corporation 3M is only selling their Sheer Post-It notes in one inch wide colored strips. You still have a lot of colors to choose from, such as yellow, green, blue, and melon.

Thank you, 3M for creating something that we all needed. I remember when 3M used to do those great films about their company, so just picture this next fake quote from the company with giant camera pans and a Don Pardo announcer.

“Yes, 3M, makers of the Post-it has now created the Sheer Post-it. That’s right, Post-its that you can see through. No more covering up other information while putting a sticky note on the information that you need. Just another way that 3M is working for you!”


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