Service Pack 3 for Windows XP released


Despite the release of Vista last year, Windows XP still remains the OS of choice for many people. XP has been around for quite a while now, and while it has aged, the two service packs have kept it going strong all these years. If you’re one of many users that have decided not to upgrade just yet, you’ll be happy to know that Microsoft has released their third service pack for Windows XP.

Windows XP Service Pack 3 will be the final service pack for this version of the operating system. After that you’ll be forced to upgrade to Vista if you want things kept up-to-date. There aren’t as many visible changes as there were with SP2. One of the biggest changes that you will notice is the lack of the Taskbar Address Bar. This is believed to have been removed due to a lawsuit regarding Internet Explorer being bundled into Windows. You should see this update coming down shortly (if you have automatic updates enabled).

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  1. F.Y.I just for a bit of extra info:
    Microsoft had expected to release the software on April 29; however, it discovered it conflicted with an application called Microsoft Dynamics RMS. The problem also affected Windows Vista SP1. Dynamics RMS is a retail-chain-management software for small and midsized businesses.

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