Fingerprint Authentication Mouse Locks Files With Biometrics

by AndrewD


Truth be told, I have an assortment of files on my computer I’d rather not have other people look at. Whether it be secretive outlines for future blog posts or confidential paper work and conversations, there are just some pieces of data I’d rather not have viewed by any nosy desktop hunters.

While there are plenty of ways to hide the files behind a wall of security features, such as marking files as hidden or developing a password system, the only method some people feel secure with is the use of biometrics. The Sequiam Biometrics ScanQ Fingerprint Authentication Scanner and Software is made especially for securing your personal files which need a little extra privacy.

The scanner, which is compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista, comes stocked with a collection of biometric security features, such as securty authentication for opening and using specific files, logging into Windows, and an assortment of other security measures. The fingerprint scanner is built right into a mouse for easy space integration.

Aside from biometric security, the USB-powered ScanQ offers two security options. One is using only your fingerprint, and an option for ultra secure files which enables both a fingerprint scan and a password in order to access the file.

For $70, the Sequiam Biometrics ScanQ Fingerprint Authentication Scanner is a pretty nice value for the added security and peace of mind it offers if you have files which need to be held under lock and key.

Product Page via TechFresh

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