Marine Catcher Matches Claw for Claw

Marine Catcher Matches Claw for Claw

This is one of those coolest gadgets that just screams of irony. Yes, what you see in the photo is true: the Marine Catcher is one of those claw games that lets you catch a pair of claws. The water on the bottom isn’t there for a challenge, but to protect the prize: a lobster.

As far as I know, this Marine Catcher can only be found in Osaka, Japan’s Namba district. I’m not certain how much yen a player has to insert for this crustacean gamble.

In case you are wondering, the machine has a plastic bag in case you actually catch one of these lobsters. That’s good, because I wouldn’t want one of these lobsters squirming around in my backpack.

I can’t help if the lobsters will soon develop the same mentality of the squeeze toy aliens from Toy Story. I can just see these lobsters saying: “The claw, it moves. I have been chosen, I go away to a more buttery place.”

This is one of those times in my life where I am grateful to be human. I wouldn’t want to find myself in a trap, then in a claw game, then in a hot tub that kills me slowly as I let out a loud scream. I think the best way I can honor lobsters everywhere is not to take part in this ritual.


4 thoughts on “Marine Catcher Matches Claw for Claw”

  1. Actually there use to be (back in 2007) a very similar machine in the J’oes Crab Shack in Orlando Florida near Disney World, it was kewl in that you could catch your dinner. Apparently Joe’s being a franchinse and the regional management disapproveing of the machine as not conforming since it didn’t deliver crabs decided it should be nixed……

  2. Also, up until mid ’07 there was a machine like this at the Jacksonville Landing in Jacksonville, FL. I never took a shot at the game, but the deal was that if you caught one it was cooked for you for free at a nearby restaurant.

  3. Yes, I had seen something similar like this in a bar back in Kemah, Texas (2002). It was expensive, like 3 bucks a play, but if you caught one then the kitchen would prepare the lobster right there for you; including all the fixins’.

  4. If i were u… i would spend those yens… catch all the lobbies… and throw em back into the spring or sea or ocean or wat not… thats wat i would do if i were u…

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