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H2O Audio has just announced that its new Natalie Coughlin Signature Series: iSH2 product is now available for sale exclusively at Apple Stores from this month onwards. Guess folks who have been hankering after an integrated waterproof headset can finally lay their hands on the iSH2 which was specially developed to work with the Apple iPod Shuffle Gen 2 and 3. Of course, it goes without saying that if you purchase this, it is also compulsory to have some sort of waterproof casing for your iPod Shuffle in the first place as water and electronics do not play nice with each other. Interestingly enough, the product was conceived by H2O Audio and developed with the assistance of world record holder and Olympic multi-medalist swimmer, Natalie Coughlin to turn the fatigue of lap and distance swim training into a music-energized experience.

According to Natalie Coughlin, Olympic Athlete and H2O Audio Product Advisor, “For years runners have benefited by adding music to their workouts and H2O Audio has now made it possible for swimmers to use that same energy and motivation to push their performance to the utmost. I have been using the iSH2 since its inception and am excited to see this offered in Apple Stores now so people everywhere can enhance their sport experience and performance.”

Some of the features on the iSH2 include :-

  • A patent pending integrated waterproof headset and case for the iPod Shuffle that works up to 10 feet underwater
  • Designed to be worn on any swim goggles or optionally with the supplied sportband
  • Fingertip access and full control of the Shuffle’s circular control pad

The Natalie Coughlin Signature Series iSH2 has been priced at $79.99 a pop. Will this actually make you quit jogging and head for the waters instead to get your weekly workout?

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Alex Says: May 7, 2008 at 2:24 pm

Uhhh, anything that large should already house your Shuffle in a waterproof housing! Duh, guyz.

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