Blow Up Traffic Cone

blow-up-traffic.jpgBlow up dolls I know, but Blow Up Traffic Cones? As wacky as it might sound, it could actually be more useful than you originally thought.

This traffic cone is even more effective than the standard – not only does it feature two reflective yellow bands – but it also lights up!..and it blows up. They’ve really thought about this one! It’s inflatable, so when you don’t need it, it’s tucked beneath the seat or in the boot and when you do need it, it has a built-in hand pump that inflates it in seconds. The Emergency Traffic Cone features a sturdy base that resists movement. Even without the flashing red LED light – it’s super visible. But when you activate the LED – you’re ready for whatever the highway holds.

This puppy will retail for $19.95 Australian, which roughly equates to $19 Stateside.

Product Page via Nerd Approved