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synaptics.jpgThose who have purchased the Samsung Yepp YP-P2 portable media player will realize that its touch screen display is actually furnished by Synaptics Inc., and uses the company’s vaunted ClearPad solution. To get a better idea of what the Synaptics ClearPad Sensor actually is, read on after the jump.

Synaptics’ ClearPad is a high-resolution, transparent capacitive touch solution that provides users with a compelling new experience for controlling displayed applications. ClearPad replaces traditional mechanical buttons and sliders enabling an easy-to-use interface and allowing more display real estate for rich content and on-screen interaction. The Samsung Yepp YP-P2 is a Bluetooth-enabled device that features a MP3 player, FM radio, picture viewing capabilities, and video applications that a user can access and navigate directly on the screen, using Synaptics’ ClearPad interface technology. ClearPad provides a quick and easy way to navigate, scroll through, and select digital content, especially with Synaptics’ intuitive gesture recognition.

According to Andrew Hsu, product marketing manager at Synaptics, “The Samsung Yepp YP-P2 media player using Synaptics’ capacitive ClearPad sensor demonstrates the innovative ways we are connecting consumers with technology. We are helping to enable the future of handheld devices by continuing innovations in advanced gestures and character recognition. We strive to bring easy-to-use interaction to the new wave of feature-rich consumer electronics.”

Synaptics’ thin ClearPad sensor is located right under the clear plastic case of the device and on top of the LCD display, making it extremely durable and ideal for industrial design engineers. I wonder whether Apple’s iPhone uses Synaptics’ ClearPad solution or some other product – does anybody out there have any idea? If so, Synaptics is clearly raking in the dough considering the insane amount of iPhones that has been sold to date, not to mention the highly anticipated 3G iPhone that is in the works in the near future.

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