StairSteady Handrail helps the elderly up and down



I’m fortunate to be a fairly healthy guy, and feel bad for those that have difficulty getting around. While I could imagine that someone that relies on a wheelchair or cane would have a hard time just about anywhere, I would bet that the stairs are the worst. Now if those stairs are in their home, that would be even worse. Thankfully this cool device can help out those that have difficulty getting up and down stairs.

This StairSteady Handrail was actually a GCSE coursework project that was later turned into a full-fledged product. Essentially what you have is a horizontal bar which runs along the handrail. This allows a person to evenly distribute their weight between both hands, rather than just relying on one. There’s no word on when the StairSteady will go on sale, but the installation kit will run you somewhere around $650 and should work with most stairs.

Source: Ubergizmo

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