Silhouette Smoke Alarm Syncs Your Home Safety

by AndrewD


Smoke alarms are such effective tools for keeping you and your family safe that they are actually mandated by law to be in every room of your home. Your most important priority (or at least it should be) is to keep your family safe, and because of the smoke alarm, many lives have been saved, spared from being engulfed in flames.

Smoke alarms have come a long way from their introduction into the household, but are still a decent ways away from being a foolproof safety plan. It is hardly completely reliable. And while style might not be the main concern for smoke alarms, they certainly are a damper on some home decor.

The slim-line Silhouette Smoke Alarms by Kiddie introduce a new sleek design of alarm to be integrated into your interior decor, which uses a low-profile form factor to better integrate into your home, yet incorporates the safety features of past smoke alarm designs and then some for a full-on smoke alarm revolution.


Aside from the Silhouette being only a half an inch thick, it’s powered by an alternating current (AC) with a lithium sealed battery, which is said to last the full-life of the smoke alarm itself, which is given a 10 year warranty. The battery recharges itself automatically, so when there is a power outage, possibly due to flooding or other natural disasters, you’re not left in the dark safety wise.

The Silhouette can also be interconnected with other safety gadgets around the home to incorporate a full safety system, while looking pretty darn good at the same time. Installation of the Silhouette might be a little more difficult than your average smoke alarm, due to the AC power supply, but the outcome seems well worth the effort.

Product Page via Gizmag

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