HTC Touch Diamond

HTC Touch Diamond

It appears that the iPhone has created such a splash on the mobile market that anything remotely like it will only be seen as a cheap knock-off. However, HTC’s latest cell phone could be an exception to this rule.

The HTC Touch Diamond has been called “the next 3G iPhone” by many gadget blogs. In addition to its 3G capability, it has a 3D interface known as TouchFlo 3D. This complete touch interface “provides animated access to people, messaging, email, photos, music, weather, and more”. The Touch Diamond also features a built-in camera with auto-lens focus, as well as a 2.8 inch display for clear viewing.

The Touch Diamond can surf the net with broadband-like speeds of HSDPA 7.2 Mbps and use HSUPA wireless connectivity. The Touch Diamond includes a customized mobile Web browser that allows for easy viewing and effortless navigation. It can even zoom and pan on websites with just one hand, and you can rotate it automatically for a portrait to landscape view.

The HTC Touch Diamond won’t be available until June, but that is for all major Eurpoean carrriers. It will then appear in Asia soon after that, and then won’t hit the western hemisphere until the second half of 2008. So far, there is no word on the price.


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