AT&T announce 2008 cordless phone range


att-2008-range.jpgAT&T recently announced the availability of its 2008 cordless phone range, with new Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) 6.0 phone systems with state-of-the-art antenna technology for maximum range and interference-free clarity hitting all official retail channels. According to Matt Ramage, vice president, product management, at Advanced American Telephones, “With this proprietary antenna technology added to our DECT lineup, consumers will enjoy an additional 45 percent of open field talk range and a 15 percent better in-home calling range for cordless phones today – an overall improvement over other DECT phones on the market. This innovative offering continues the tradition of highly reliable, best-in-class performance that consumers have come to expect from AT&T cordless phones.”

I suppose the inclusion of state-of-the art antenna technology as claimed will allow you to walk about to just any room in your home without suffering from dropped signals, unless you own this sprawling mansion and decide to head out to your very own 18 hole golf course for some action. So far an independent study done by Wyle showed that these new AT&T phones offer up to a 190 foot radius within or outside of the home, which is a 30 foot extension compared to the range offered by other DECT phones in the same market segment. These new DECT phones include the SL82118, SL82218, SL82318, SL82418 and SL82518, and will come bundled with up to five handsets. Pricign is relatively affordable, with a little bit of something for everybody, ranging from $59.95 while hitting a maximum of $129.95.

They would also function well in a small office I suppose, since they’re flexible enough to expand with up to a dozen handsets. Features include a sleek design with a simultaneous off-hook feature, enabling more than one system handset to be active on a call.

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