World’s Largest Foosball Table

by Mark R

World’s Biggest Foosball Table

I remember playing foosball in junior high school, and I always had a problem playing one side on my own. One minute you’re setting up for a score off the three-man, and then the other guy makes a goalie shot while you weren’t expecting it.

Can you imagine playing on a foosball table that would require 11 players on each side?
This is just what designer and Amsterdam brewer Amstel set out to do with the Table Football XXL. I’m not certain whether Amstel meant to do this, but its creation coincides with the European Champions League Finals.

As you may have guessed, this Table Football XXL is quite gigantic. As far as I now, it is not available for ordering. If it were, it would require six flight cases to ship to an American user.

You got to admit that it is very cool, and would be the piece de resistance at any sports bar. I wouldn’t mind playing one on one against someone on this, as it certainly be great exercise just to keep track of the ball. Playing with 22 players might be interesting, but I would expect a lot of the action to take place at certain spots. I can guarantee that the players on one end of the table will have no idea what is going on with the players on the other end.


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