Tamagotchi Familitchi rolls out


tamagotchi.jpgCould the release of the Tamagotchi Familitchi bring about yet another craze which we saw so many years ago?

So say konichiwa to Tamagotchi Familitchi, an all new wave of the world’s favorite handheld virtual pets. In a nutshell (or should that be eggshell?) owners hatch and then raise their pet by pressing buttons throughout the day. The more your Tamagotchi matures the more games you can play and the more areas of Tamagotchi Town you can visit on the web. You can even travel to foreign destinations, visit your Tamagotchi parents and meet the Tamagotchi King!

What makes this version different from the ones of old is the ability to acces new passwords in Tamagotchi Town, earning precious Gotchi points which can then be redeemed for virtual items such as food, travel tickets, toys and clothes among others. You can also meet Tamagotchi fans from all over the world when logged on. The new Tamagotchi Familitchi will retail for £12.95 a pop.

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