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verb-for-shoe.jpgVectraSense Technologies, Inc. has rolled out “The Smart Shoe Experience” recently, boasting its revolutionary computerized footwear for the masses. Smart Shoe Experience, eh? Well, this won’t be solving any of your mathematical problems anytime soon, but we do know that The Experience includes a collection of internet attractions featuring cutting-edge smart shoe technology within broader fashion and style contexts. Ronald Demon (what a family name), as a pioneer in the field of computerized footwear and creator of Verb For Shoe, said, “We are not just selling some high tech gadget, but are providing an entire experience which includes technology.”

Signature styling is but one of the attractions of the Smart Shoe Experience, and what would definitely make geeks drool would be the following features :-

  • Auto Comfort: The shoes automatically adjust comfort according to the wearer’s movements.
  • Wireless Link: A wireless link allows the shoes to link with your PC.
  • Contact Sharing: The shoes wirelessly communicate with each other, exchanging contact information among different wearers.

Part of The Experience consists of :-

  • New Romantic: A collection of interactive music videos featuring the shoes in various cultural settings.
  • Tech Square: Describes the raw technology.
  • The Chronicles: A frequently updated blog chronicling the Verb For Shoe phenomena.
  • Ron’s Studio: Gets personal with Ronald Demon, creator of Verb For Shoe.
  • The Nation: An online forum where Verb For Shoe enthusiasts world-wide can share experiences and learn about upcoming events.

According to Demon where the product’s appeal lies, “The Experience is unique in that for the first time, it appeals to both the mainstream fashion audience as well as techies. It combines signature styling, craftsmanship, innovation, lushness, and exclusivity in a compelling package.” The shoe has already seen action on both MTV’s Real World and MTV2, and will be on the History Channel in the fall. This won’t be a cheap piece of footwear though, as it retails for a jaw dropping $700. Now that’s definitely expensive by any standards for a pair of shoes which aren’t half as cool as Iron Man’s boots.

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sajacobs Says: May 7, 2008 at 2:38 pm

The wireless feature is interesting. I might buy one.

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